Extra Virgin Olive Oils
We switch our oil selection based on hemisphere twice a year to maintain our “fresh is best” philosophy. Since our selection changes often, we recommend contacting the store to check our availability.

Robust Intensity

Koroneiki EVOO Learn More

Favolosa EVOO Learn More

Coratina EVOO Learn More

Frantoio-Leccino EVOO Learn More

Arbequina EVOO Learn More

Medium Intensity

Picual EVOO Learn More

Picholine EVOO Learn More

Koroneiki EVOO Learn More

Barnea EVOO Learn More

Arbosana EVOO Learn More

Hojiblanca EVOO Learn More

Manzanillo EVOO Learn More

Mild Intensity

Arbequina EVOO Learn More

Fused & Infused Flavored Olive Oil

Baklouti Green Chili Learn More

Basil Learn More

Blood Orange Learn More

Butter Learn More

Chipolte Learn More

Cilantro & Roasted Onion Learn More

Eureka Lemon Learn More

Garlic Learn More

Herb de Provence Learn More

Milanese Gremolata Learn More

Persian Lime Learn More

Tuscan Herb Learn More

Wild Mushroom & Sage Learn More

White Balsamic

Alfoos Mango Learn More

Cascadian Wild Raspberry

Cinnamon-Pear Learn More

Coconut Learn More

Cranberry-Pear Learn More

Grapefruit Learn More

Gravenstein Apple Learn More

Honey-Ginger Learn More

Key Lime

Lemongrass-Mint Learn More

Peach Learn More

Pineapple Learn More

Pomegranate-Quince Learn More

Sicilian Lemon Learn More

Dark Balsamic

Blackberry-Ginger Learn More

Black Cherry Learn More

Blueberry Learn More

Dark Chocolate Learn More

Dark Espresso Learn More

Denissimo (aged 25+ years, limited availability)

Fig Learn More

Maple Learn More

Neapolitan Herb Learn More

Pomegranate Learn More

Raspberry Learn More

Strawberry Learn More

Tahitian Vanilla

Tangerine Learn More

Traditional Learn More

Top Pairings
Lemon White Balsamic & Tuscan Herb EVOO
Honey Ginger White Balsamic & Persian Lime EVOO
Strawberry Balsamic & Basil EVOO
Peach White Balsamic & Tuscan Herb EVOO
Blackberry Ginger Balsamic & Persian Lime EVOO
Dark Chocolate Balsamic & Blood Orange EVOO
Tangerine Balsamic & Blood Orange EVOO
Mushroom Sage EVOO & Lemon Balsamic
Blueberry Balsamic & Lemon EVOO
Fig Balsamic & Garlic EVOO
Pomegranate Balsamic & Persian Lime EVOO
Strawberry Balsamic & Lemon EVOO
Black Cherry Balsamic & Lemon EVOO
Cranberry Pear Balsamic & Persian Lime EVOO
Honey Ginger Balsamic & Lemon EVOO
Espresso Balsamic & Blood Orange EVOO
Coconut White Balsamic & Butter EVOO
Coconut White Balsamic & Lime EVOO
Garlic EVOO & Butter EVOO
Pomegranate Balsamic & Garlic EVOO
Dark Chocolate Balsamic & Blood Orange EVOO
Dark Chocolate Balsamic & Espresso Balsamic
Dark Chocolate Balsamic & Coconut White Balsamic
Coconut White Balsamic & Lemon EVOO
Raspberry Balsamic & Lemon EVOO
Cranberry Pear Balsamic & Blood Orange EVOO
Cinnamon Pear Balsamic & Blood Orange EVOO
Cara Cara Orange Vanilla White Balsamic & Butter EVOO

  • Specialty Oils
  • White Truffle (Call for availability)
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil (Call for availability)