Our goal is to change the way consumers understand and consume extra virgin olive oil. We believe that accurate information and first hand experience are the keys to a better understanding.

We know from experience that the demand for high quality extra virgin oil is directly proportional to the experience and understanding of the end user. We are convinced that both producers and consumers will dramatically change their practices and habits when the facts concerning nutrition, quality, and durability are clearly understood. We wish to provide the information, experience, and examples necessary for a new, efficient, quality driven market to develop. Our strategy is to provide the relevant chemical and sensory data necessary to make rational decisions concerning extra virgin olive oil.

About our family
Our exclusive supplier, Veronica Foods & the Delizia Olive Oil Company was established in 1924 and is the oldest continuously operating olive oil company in the United States. They import close to one hundred and sixty (24,000 litre) containers of premium extra virgin olive oil each year from all over the world. This translates into over 3.7 million litres of the freshest extra virgin olive oil from countries including Spain, Tunisia, Italy, Chile, Argentina and Australia, as well as oil produced in California.

They also offer more than 33 distinctly different varieties of olive oil, including more than a dozen bronze, silver and gold medal winners. They import from both hemispheres which produce counter to one another. This allows us to offer the freshest olive oil available at all times throughout the year.

To our company fresh trumps everything, including where the oil was produced. That freshness plays a pivotal role from a sensory (organoleptic) standpoint and perhaps even more importantly, from a health and nutrition standpoint. Before we make a purchase we have each oil comprehensively tested for extremely important factors such as, FFA (free fatty acids) and peroxide levels. Both are considered indicators of freshness and quality. As an olive oil begins to age or decompose, the level of each of these compounds will rise. In terms of olive oil, less is better, so it’s desirable to purchase oil containing the lowest values of each of these compounds.

For example, the international standard for FFA levels found in extra virgin olive oil is below 0.8%. The standard for Peroxide levels is below 20. Veronica Foods has adopted a much higher standard. They will not purchase any oil with an FFA level above 0.3%, in fact most oils have an average FFA level of 0.19%. This is almost 1/4 less than the international standard. Additionally, their oils have an average peroxide value of 6.1. This is less than a third of the international standard.

In addition, they look for oils with significantly higher levels of Polyphenol and Oleic Acid, in this case, higher is better! Polyphenol and Oleic Acid are naturally occurring compounds found in all extra virgin olive oil. Both have been proven to be very powerful antioxidants. Polyphenol intake is associated with lower incidence of cancer and coronary heart disease. In addition, to the health benefits, oil high in Phenols are generally more robust and stay fresh longer.

The standard range for polyphenols is anywhere from 80 - 220 .PPM (parts per million) anything above 220, is considered high. The oils we buy contain Polyphenol levels ranging from 150 - 535 PPM!

Veronica Foods only buys from producers and never from middlemen. Not only do they know the specific region where the olives are grown, they know the exact farm, farmer and mill that produces the olive oil we purchase.

From one of the largest and oldest consortiums in Modena, Italy, Veronica Foods imports the finest 18 year old Balsamic vinegars. These are then purveyed unflavoured and traditional, or with a wide array of all natural, non artificial flavours. Due to the reputation of Veronica Foods and the volume of vinegars they purchase, they have been designated by this group as the exclusive distributor of these amazing vinegars here in North America.